1. We’ll actually watch your film. From start to finish. At least 3 times.
    Believe it or not, many film festivals do not screen their submissions. We uncompromisingly believe every filmmaker deserves a fair chance to share their story.
  2. Our screening team is anything but homogenous.
    It is diverse in age, gender, race, socio-economic background, ideology, etc. to ensure your film is carefully considered by screeners who look and sound like you.
  3. We will provide feedback of your film upon request, regardless of selection status.
    It is important to us that filmmakers whose work is not accepted, still leave having benefitted from engaging with our film festival.
  4. Most importantly, submitting your film allows us to raise funds for communities in need.
    As of last year, we gave over $30,000 for foster children arts education. You can be a part of this effort!


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