The Washington West Film Festival is honored to screen our third film produced by legendary filmmaker Frank Marshall this fall.

Frank Marshall has been a powerful and influential part of the film industry since the late 1960’s. During his time in the industry, Marshall has taken on the role of actor, producer, director, and comrade to many industry giants. Since his start in film, under the apprenticeship of Peter Bogdanovich, Marshall has worked with Walter Hill, Paul Greengrass, Martin Scorsese, and lifelong friend, Steven Spielberg. He also served as a co-founder, along with Spielberg, at Amblin Entertainment as well as founded his own studio, the Kennedy/Marshall Company, with his wife, Kathleen Kennedy. Today, Marshall still serves as president of the Kennedy/Marshall Company, while also holding a place on the board for multiple community and educational organizations. Washington West admires how Marshall uses his platform as a way to help the community and support non-profit organizations. Frank Marshall has become a historic and iconic staple in the film industry as well as a force for community betterment.

Frank Marshall got his start in the industry after a fateful meeting with acclaimed film director, Peter Bogdanovich. Under Bogdanovich’s guidance, Marshall steadily grew in the arena of film production before taking on roles such as executive producer, director, and production company co-founder.

In 1981, Frank Marshall, with—future wife–Kathleen Kennedy, and Steven Spielberg founded the legendary Amblin Entertainment. Amblin quickly became one of the most productive and successful production studios in history. Kennedy and Marshall went on to found their own production company, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, in 1991. Through the collaborative efforts of Amblin and Kennedy/Marshall, Frank Marshall has been nominated for five Oscars for Best Picture, for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), Seabiscuit (2003), The Sixth Sense (1999), The Color Purple (1985), and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Frank Marshall’s drive to produce engaging and entertaining stories shines with each film he takes on.

Frank Marshall shows commitment to his work and his vision for every project. Early in his career as a producer, Marshall attempted to lift the spirits of his crew on a particularly hard day by personally performing a magic show. As “Dr. Fantasy,” Marshall brought joy and camaraderie to his crew members as well as showing a commitment to producing a quality experience. Since that day on set, Marshall’s Dr. Fantasy Magic Shows have become a tradition on every project he’s attached to. Frank Marshall has proven himself as an efficient, but also enjoyable presence on and off set—and his commitment to joy doesn’t stop there.

With the support of the Kennedy/Marshall Company, Frank Marshall has committed himself to community betterment organizations such as L.A. Promise (formerly MLA Partner Schools), California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, and Athletes For Hope. Marshall also serves on the UCLA Foundation Board of Governors and UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Marshall pays respects to his roots and is an active part of helping his community and his peers. Frank Marshall is a familiar name for us at Washington West given his commitment to use his career and success to help others.

Frank Marshall is a familiar name for us at Washington West, and we applaud his commitment to use his career and success to help others. In 2016, Marshall and alumni-director, Ryan Suffern, won Best Feature Documentary at Washington West and the team also premiered their short documentary, Running Blind, in 2013. This year, the mentor/mentee duo are premiering another haunting, but thought-provoking documentary titled, What Haunts Us. The documentary follows Paige Goldberg Tolmach as she delves into the mystery of the suicides that are plaguing her 1979 high school graduating class. Marshall and Suffern’s What Haunts Us will be the third film of the filmmakers to screen at Washington West. Additionally, Ryan Suffern is taking on the role of juror at this year’s festival. The duo are dynamic and authentic storytellers that seek truth and meaning through film.

Frank Marshall’s commitment to story and change is a familiar one to Washington West. Experience What Haunts Us at the festival and become a part of the story. Together, we believe story can change the world.

“I love stories that are of ordinary people in extraordinary times…”

– Frank Marshall