A large majority of the film industry has been put on hold because of COVID-19. Big budget blockbusters and indies alike have halted production as Hollywood establishes protocols that will allow casts and crew to return to work safely. That said, if there is anything that filmmakers are, it is both creative and resourceful. 

There are many things to look to as inspiration during these difficult times to keep your creative energy flowing and your filmmaking dreams alive. 

For those that are able, a page could be taken out of Sam Levinson’s book. The “Euphoria creator shot a secret film during the pandemic with stars Zendaya and John David Washington entitled “Malcolm & Marie”. Compliant with guild and medical regulations, the cast and a “lean” crew travelled to Monterey, Calif., for a two-week quarantine prior to filming. Pods and strict regulations, including social distance guidelines, were then enforced during filming, which all took place at the Caterpillar House, an isolated 33-acre plot in Carmel. 

For those with budgetary constraints, an excellent example of using your limited resources to create something is Shudder’s terrifying new horror film, “Host.” Set entirely on Zoom, the film follows five friends who embark in a virtual seance during the real-life lockdown, and when one friend makes a dire error, things take a turn for the worst. 

Both of the above are perfect examples of how filmmakers can take advantage of a wide variety of resources to ensure films continue to get made during this difficult time. However, we also understand that these opportunities are still few and far between. Luckily, organizations within the industry have also put together resources, from funds to webinars, to continue to assist and inform filmmakers. 

Below are other resources that filmmakers can continue to check out during COVID-19: