“Story can change the world.” 

We at Washington West Film Festival live by this saying. It speaks not only to the power of art, but also to the transformative nature of a medium like film.

Many of us go to the theater for pure entertainment, where we can unplug from our surroundings and be transported into the vastness of a galaxy far, far away, or a world where superheroes protect us from the most threatening of foes.

Storytellers can also use film to explore far more personal truths, by shining a light on real world narratives that have shaped the society we live in.

In today’s world, these voices are more important than they’ve ever been. 

Story can change the world because it teaches us to dream big, and share the ideas we conjure up in our imagination with people around the globe. Story can also change the world because it can educate us about the real world fears and injustices that people experience in their day-to-day lives. 

Film can give a voice to those who have something important to say, with a trust and certainty that their own experience will inform not only what’s on the screen, but what happens off-screen as a result. 

Whether it’s the story of a fictional character like Luke Skywalker, or a real-life hero like Martin Luther King Jr., film has the ability to inspire us in ways nothing else can.   

The goal of this space is to engage our community — storytellers and audiences alike — to seek out stories that inspire them. We will highlight films and filmmakers who speak to Washington West’s ideals through interviews and recommendation lists, and will inform readers of local events and other opportunities where they can connect with their fellow film lovers. 

And most important, we look forward to sharing the stories of Washington West with you.