Shorts Program: The Art Institute of Washington Student Showcase

A program of 5 films made by the students of The Art Institute of Washington.

Bar Quixote | 12 minutes
A timid, young man named Donnie reads alone at a crowded bar where he is approached by a beautiful woman. Feeling that Donnie has blown a golden opportunity, Alfonso the bartender offers Donnie a drink to provide him with courage. But this is no ordinary drink – Donnie wakes up to find himself in a parallel world where his adventure to win the favor of the enchanting princess has just begun…

Autumn’s Room | 12 minutes
Ben has been in a relationship with his roommate-turned-lover, Cara, for the last two months. Things were going great between them until Ben’s childhood sweetheart falls seriously ill. Finding himself in an impossible situation, Ben attempts to find his emotional footing whilst it slips increasingly away from him. As Autumn’s condition worsens, the love triangle is strained to the breaking point.

Badass Bronson | 10 minutes
A military Soldier is forced to deal with the repercussion of a bad decision she made as a teenager. After being discharged from the army, she arrives home to deal with her past.

Missed Conversation | 23 minutes
Corey is a young man who made a terrible mistake and now must find peace by helping someone not repeat the same mistake he made. “Missed Conversation” is a story of addiction, lost loved ones, missed opportunities, and second chances. A short film that looks at addicts and their motivations.

Filmmakers will participate in a Q&A following the screening.

See the Film

Sun Oct 29

Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse
2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204
11:30 am