Shorts Program: Best of Film at Mason

Best of Film at Mason is a showcase of recent notable and award-winning films. From heartfelt to heartbreaking intermediate and senior fiction films, to poignant intermediate and beginning level documentary shorts, this program captures and celebrates the diversity of cinematic storytelling in Film and Video Studies at George Mason University.

Always Carry a Bible
Rhyan Elliott | Narrative | 6 min
An experimental portrayal of police brutality from the role of a bystander.

Kaidan Blackmer | Narrative | 10 min
Sir follows the day in the life of Ty, a young transgender man on his journey of embracing life authentically, despite the burdens and expectations of modern American society.

Ana, Myself et Moi
Zeyn Faddoul | Documentary | 9 min
How do languages affect multilinguals’ personalities?

You Can’t Frighten Me Like That!
Valeria Verastegui | Narrative | 10 min
Being the new kid in school, Victoria is relentlessly bullied by snobby Samantha. Will she survive her time at her new school, or will she spend her time living under Sam’s shadow?

Jackson Harvey | Narrative | 5 min
A beautiful day at the park is ruined when Maury, a muffin salesman, has to fight dirty and compete with a crafty cupcake salesman.

Close Call
Kauri George | Narrative | 10 min
A disheartened young black woman gets an unexpected visit from her lifelong tormentor, she is forced to face her past and make a life-altering decision.

Love Your Brother
Jasmine Gates | Narrative | 6 min
When Lukas Quinn’s little sister gets sent home from school he learns that some things are a little more serious than they seem.

Disco Head
Lindsey Oblitey | Narrative | 6 min
Carter has a fateful meeting with an unexpected stranger in a bathtub who changes his life.

Erblin Nushi | Narrative | 20 min
A young boy, thrust into the horrors of war, clings to a piece of candy as he and his family are forced to become refugees.

Filmmakers will participate in a Q&A following the screening.

100% of ticket sales from this screening will be donated to Kids in the Spotlight.

See the Film

Sun Oct 27

In Person at Bow Tie Cinemas
11940 Market St., Reston, VA 20190
5:00 pm