Shorts Program: KITS featuring Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell walks our red carpet before talking with a Washington West audience about two passions – his nine seasons as Phil Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family, and his non-profit work with Kids In The Spotlight. Ty is a multiple Emmy-winning actor, but his greatest work in Los Angeles might just be the change he is creating for foster kids who are learning to therapeutically tell their challenging life stories through film art. Ty will provide the laughs, so you show up with the questions. Ty will introduce a few KITS example short films*. Kids In The Spotlight will be one recipient of Washington West 2017 box office funds.

*Some films may not be suitable for young children.

Films in this program include – 57 min:

Team Spirit – 9 min
A young woman dealing with the passing of her mother soon discovers an unlikely angel is the heart of her soccer team.
Director: Mo McRae
Lead Actor: Kimberly Cook

Blind But Now I See – 9 min
A group of private school students are tired of being good, but a quick trip to the bad side lets them know it’s not all it’s cracked up to be
Director: Aundre Johnson
Lead Actor: Alexia Olivan

Fade Away – 10 min
A young man faces his greatest fear in that everything he loves or touches begins to fade away
Director – Grant Housley

I’m Not Normal – 10 min
Young man deals with the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse
Director: Robert Munic
Lead Actors: Christian Vargas, Christina Vargas

The Other Side – 9 min
A young woman in a relationship with a troubled young man discovers his dark and twisted secret.
Director: Mo McRae
Lead Actor: Maria Sanchez

Death’s Possession – 10 min
Darkness lurks just at the edge of shadows. Three girls band together to challenge the darkness.
Director: David Mahmoudieh
Lead Actor: Noel DiBrell

See the Film

Sun Oct 29

In Person at Bow Tie Cinemas
11940 Market St., Reston, VA 20190
12:00 pm