Silent Rhythm

An exploration of the relationship between dancers and music through the lens of the Gallaudet Dance Company, where every member is either deaf or hard of hearing.


Impact // Filmmaker’s Voice

I wanted to create something, in partnership with the Gallaudet dance company, that addresses deaf people as complex and complete people with real lives and aspirations. While simultaneously creating something interesting and engaging for community members who may have never had the opportunity to meet a deaf person. My intended outcomes are to have people walk away having learned more about deaf culture, deaf community, and social stigmas still in place today.

Because I grew up bilingual in American Sign Language and English I was able to explain my project to the dancers in the company. I asked them to contribute anything they wanted the larger public to know about deaf and hard of hearing people. I emphasized how much I wanted their input and involvement, since it has often been a history of storytellers deciding the narrative for this community without one, ever asking them and two, often getting it wrong.

To learn more about Deaf communities:

Documentary – Signing Black in America

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Local deaf owned businesses to check out:
Mozzeria – H St. (Washington, D.C.); Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. (Hyattsville MD)

– Sarah Goolishian

See the Film

Sat Oct 15

ShowPlace Icon Kitchen + Theater | Tyson’s Corner
1667 Silver Hill Dr, McLean, VA 22102
3:00 pm