Student Showcase | George Mason University

A showcase of the “best of” short films from George Mason University’s FAVS (Film and Video Studies) student festival. Includes:

  • Trini Girls by by Kenge B | Documentary | Agatha Baker passes down her knowledge of Trini cuisine to her granddaughter, as she, her daughter, and granddaughter reflect on how food has helped them stay connected to their Trini heritage.
  • Jonesy by Christian Druitt | Horror/Experimental |  A misunderstood house cat makes a strange discovery when his owner leaves their home.
  • Stuck by Alexander Hammett | Dramedy | A college student has an intervention with himself after collapsing from too much pressure.
  • Taking a Stroll by James Fedorko | Documentary | A man’s story of a meeting in Iraq, a treasure hunt in Montana, and the life journey that led him there.
  • Woken from a Dream by Taj Kokayi | Drama/Sci-Fi |  In the midst of a racially charged & violent society, a young black man uses VR to escape to a better reality. Or so he thinks.
  • Behind the Notes by Jada Salter | Documentary | Jada Salter shares the life and legacy of her grandfather, Bill Salter. William Salter is a 3-time Grammy award-winning songwriter, composer, and musician for “Just the Two of Us”. Along with many other award-winning songs, Bill enlightens us with his story.

See the Film

Sun Oct 24

ShowPlace Icon Kitchen + Theater | Tyson’s Corner
1667 Silver Hill Dr, McLean, VA 22102
1:00 pm