The Farthest

The Farthest tells the captivating tales of the people and events behind one of humanity’s greatest achievements in exploration: NASA’s Voyager mission, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this August. The twin spacecraft—each with less computing power than a cell phone—used slingshot trajectories to visit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. They sent back unprecedented images and data that revolutionized our understanding of the spectacular outer planets and their many peculiar moons.

Presented in partnership with GoCanvas.

Virtual Reality demonstrations will also be available in the Bow Tie Cinemas Bar & Lounge for audiences using Google Cardboard technology.

Virtual Reality Hours:
Saturday, October 28 | 5:00–9:00 pm | Bow Tie Cinemas
Sunday, October 29 | 4:00–6:00 pm | Bow Tie Cinemas

See the Film

Sun Oct 29

In Person at Bow Tie Cinemas
11940 Market St., Reston, VA 20190
6:00 pm